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  • Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel (l), Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (cen.) and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson (r) at the 2022 Michigan Democratic Party Nominating Convention Aug. 21. All three won their general election races Nov. 8. Photo: Twitter

Michigan’s LGBTQ+ Community Breaths a Sigh of Relief as Lesbian AG Dana Nessel, Allies Win Elections

‘You are good enough… Don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise,’ Nessel tweeted after reelection

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There’s a mood in Michigan today, and it’s very, very blue. And in a good way!

Democrats now control both chambers of the state house, the governorship, the attorney general seat and the secretary of state seat and the right to abortion will be enshrined in the state Constitution. It’s a big sigh of relief for LGBTQ+ people.

Dana Nessel, the out lesbian who won reelection as Michigan’s attorney general, wasted no time reaching out directly to LGBTQ+ kids in a tweet Tuesday night.

“For all the LGBTQ kids out there who were demonized and whose lives were weaponized by sad and broken adults during this election cycle: You are good enough. Your lives and stories matter. God loves you just as you are. Don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise.” 

In reply, Twitter user Ben Pulver (@revlupneb) thanked the attorney general. “Thank you, AG, our LGBTQ kids were greeted with a wave of relief this morning and were buoyed as they headed off to school knowing Michigan voters did not see them as the monsters that political bullies made them out to be,” they tweeted.

Nessel talked about her role as a prominent member of the LGBTQ+ community in an interview with Pride Source in 2021. 

Growing up, Nessel says, she didn’t have LGBTQ+ role models to look to for inspiration. “There wasn’t anybody on TV or in the movies except for people that were … made to look foolish, or a mockery,” she said in the interview. “It was a tough way to grow up because there just wasn’t anybody that I could look to in life, in any realm, to feel like it was OK for me to be who I was.”

“I didn’t want that to happen to the next generation,” she added. “Being the first statewide elected LGBTQ person brings with it a certain responsibility, and I’m not going to be shy about it. I’m not going to hide.”

Nessel’s reelection means she remains the first and only out LGBTQ+ community member elected to a statewide position in Michigan. Nessel made history in 2018 when she was first elected.

The national political action committee LGBTQ Victory Fund said in a news release, “Dana’s win is a clear and resounding victory for all Michiganders – and the country. Voters chose an LGBTQ leader who defends democratic institutions over an anti-LGBTQ activist who aimed to undermine them.  Despite a continuous barrage of hate, Dana stood steadfast in her work to safeguard election results and protect LGBTQ people and abortion rights in Michigan. We are confident she will continue being one of the most pro-equality, pro-choice champions in the country. Our rights were on the ballot this year – and Michigan voters delivered.”

Nessel’s influence may have played a role in the candidate field this election cycle — a record number of LGBTQ+ candidates ran for statewide offices in 2022.

About the Author:

Sarah Bricker Hunt, a proud Eastern Michigan University alum, is a freelance writer and editor who dabbles in a little of everything.
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