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In addition to fun and community, FamilyPalooza will be the World Premier venue for “What About Me?” a new single by Second Union Music written specifically to champion the second-parent adoption cause. The song was written with input by several LGBT families, who wrote the Massachusetts-based group about the hope and fears they have for their children, Mabry said. CDs will be available for purchase during and after the event, with proceeds to go to CARE and Affirmations.

What About Me?
(c) 2005 Dave Bastien – Second Union Music

She was just a girl
happy with life
living from day to day
but now she’s in a courtroom
awaiting her fate
they’re taking her away

Two mothers in love
but not in law
is how she came to be
She just lost one
now they’re taking the other
’cause they’re too blind to see

(she said) What about me?
Do you really care?
Won’t you live in my world just one night?
What about me?
Don’t have any choice
Won’t you let me have a voice

Her mom said, “don’t cry”
as they led her away
I won’t give up this fight
I’ll battle for you
each and every day
’till they finally do what’s right

The judges and the lawyers
all knew what’s right
but took her anyway
’cause blood is thicker
and hands were tied
“it’s the law” they say

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