So-called ‘Family Values’

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Dear BTL,
Again the election season is upon us and once again the Republicans are up to their predictable dirty tricks. Bill Frist (R-Tennessee) vowed to the religious right that there will be a vote on the Federal Marriage Amendment in the first week of June. Again, those that vote against its passage will be ridiculed and labeled sinners for supporting the “Homosexual Agenda.” There is no agenda, of course. It is only a label that has been trumpeted by the right. The sin here is the convenient exploitation of the LGBT community for another’s gain and Republicans attempting to energize their religious conservative base. Republicans claim to be the party of Family Values. Corruption, irresponsible spending, the killing of tens of thousands in a war that has yet to be justified are not Family Values. Discrimination and hate are not Family Values! If these are your Family Values then the right people are in office, if not, tell them NO right now and in November. In America, we should protect all families and not use some for political advantage. Kristi Bartholomew,

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