Soulforce to confront Focus on the Family rhetoric

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Co. – On Sunday, May 1, also known as May Day, Soulforce, Inc. and over 1,000 LGBT individuals, couples, families, and allies will converge on the headquarters of James Dobson and Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs.
Over 50 churches, local, state, national organizations and their chapters have endorsed the event, including the Human Rights Campaign, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, and the National Organization for Women.
The purpose of the protest is to send out a collective “Mayday!” to challenge the misinformation about LGBT people that flows to millions of people daily through James Dobson’s radio broadcast, website, e-mail alerts, video, audio, and print materials.
Event activities will include nonviolent trainings and a picnic and rally in the park outside the entrance to Focus on the Family May 1 with banners, signs, and pictures of participants’ loved ones.
On May 2, event organizers plan to “bring the truth about our families directly to Focus on the Family,” by walking through the organizations’ headquarters holding hands, distributing family photos and letters from family members to employees, and eating lunch in their cafeteria.
According to Soulforce, Dobson has refused to respond to the organization’s requests for dialog.
“But, when over 1,000 individuals, hundreds of people representing a myriad of churches and organizations, and dozens of TV cameras and newspaper reporters show up from around the globe, he will have no choice but to say ‘something,'” according to a Soulforce statement.
“[Dobson’s] attempts to make America a fundamentalist ‘Christian’ nation by imposing his narrow interpretation of the Bible on all Americans jeopardizes the civil liberties and religious freedom of all people and threatens the integrity of our U.S. Constitution,” the statement continued.
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