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Eve Kucharski
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Democratic State Rep. Jon Hoadley represents Michigan’s 60th District. Due to term limits, 2019 will mark the start of his third and final two-year term representing the city of Kalamazoo and part of Kalamazoo County. He was clear that he wants to start 2019 with a strong push toward expanding the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act to include sexual orientation and gender identity.
“It is a priority of the governor. She went out of her way to talk about it in the public debates,” Hoadley said. “It’s an issue that myself and my colleagues such as Sen.-elect Moss, Rep. Sneller and others have been championing for years since I came to the legislature. And we know that it is popularly supported by the residents of Michigan, so this has to be the year that gets it done.”
Looking past 2019 and into the 2020 presidential election year, Hoadley emphasized the importance of the LGBTQ community voting and paying attention to politics at play.
“The Trump administration has shown that we can’t take LGBT equality for granted. His appointment of Supreme Court candidates are threatening the underpinnings of marriage equality,” Hoadley said. “His administrative choices are directly attacking transgender people and other administrative policies are jeopardizing the safety of LGBT people in an international context. So, as we look to 2020, we have to see that there is a stark difference in the priorities of the major political parties. Republicans are bad at LGBT issues and Democrats have been very good on LGBT issues. Looking ahead to Michigan, I think some of those decisions coming from the Trump administration could impact our state.”

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