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Taxing Problems

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1 Rainbow, to some
5 Oats for a stallion, e.g.
9 Sculptor Stebbins
13 City near Tahoe
14 Composer Edouard
15 Songwriter Holly
16 Chip off the old flock?
17 Ice house (var.)
18 Pastry with fruit, perhaps
19 With 22-Across, TV show with 49-Across
22 See 19-Across
23 Where suits are pressed
25 Gets to second base, perhaps
28 Bombay believer
29 Cosmetics name
30 Shoshonean tongue
31 Puts a head on cappuccino
36 Old Spanish queen
37 Marcel Duchamp’s style
39 Poet Seward
40 Historic spans
41 TV show with 49-Across
44 Hype incessantly
46 Bad bottom-line news
49 Guy in the news with taxing problems
54 Skimpy skirt
55 Steady guy
56 Some savings
58 It comes out of your head
59 Undoing
60 Kind of package
61 Bear hunter Boone, briefly
62 “Uh-oh!” to Shelley
63 Financial page heading


1 Places for MDs
2 Event for George Frenn
3 Passive in S&M, perhaps
4 Place for a shorthand job
5 Amelia Earhart, and others
6 Two under for Sheehan
7 First name in talk
8 Watches Philip Seymour Hoffman play a priest?
9 Holds out a carrot to
10 Lion, tiger, or bear
11 Nickname for a gay man
12 Gallery objects
20 So-so grade
21 Circumcision and more
23 Sound of getting banged?
24 Musical meter maid
26 Musical Horne
27 Sailors cruise on them
32 Billy Budd, for one
33 It may get licked (abbr.)
34 First name among bi singers
35 Dallas cager, for short
38 Withdrawn
40 Hot stuff
42 “I’m not eating that!”
43 Plug attachment
44 2002 Salma Hayek film
45 Stuff in a closet
47 Haul ass
48 Homonym for Chaz’s mom
50 “Mamma Mia!” band
51 Honest-to-goodness
52 Comical Carvey
53 Pink and more
54 Start of a life crisis?
57 Sarah Jessica Parker’s “city” activity

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