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Tell your story

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The American Civil Liberties Union is seeking same-sex couples to tell their stories to help in the fight to make marriage equal in America. The most powerful weapon to change legal and public opinion is the story of individual couples. Real couples with real stories of commitment and harm put a face on the discrimination all gay couples face. The more Americans see the face of gay couples who look like themselves, the less likely they will support discrimination. Winning the battle of state and federal constitutional amendments depends on the couples we put front and center in the debate.
The ACLU has developed a web-based survey with Freedom to Marry that has proven very successful in finding plaintiffs in a number of state lawsuits. It has also enabled them to find compelling spokes persons for special town hall meetings around the country. The survey is designed to efficiently collect key data on couples. If a couple with specific issues or demographics is needed somewhere to address a media request or lawsuit, their research team can fill the request in an instant. The data will be shared with Freedom to Marry’s coalition partners.
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