Thanks, Babs

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Oh, Baaahbra.
How I love a big-mouthed, Democratic diva like you telling a heckler to “shut the fuck up” in front of thousands of fans who started a seasonal job just to see you. The best part, though, is the bump-and-grind single your expletive spawned. Laced with your looped bad language, a cheering crowd and a mad pounding beat, you’ve recorded an anthem that won’t easily be forgotten.
And, Babs, you weren’t even trying. It shows in your effortless, but heart-on-sleeve, approach to the lyrics.
See, I never did believe in over doing it. And with “STFU” I’m conditioning myself to be a little more like you. More honest. More direct. More vulgar. So, here I’m expressing my gratitude for writing, er, mouthing some of your most creative words in decades. You didn’t hold back this time, and RevoLucian noticed ( That’s why the New York-city based producer mixed your rageful rant into a jam for his MySpace page.
And I ain’t gonna lie, Babs, there’s been many times when I’ve wanted to tell someone to STFU. Now, thanks to you and RevoLucian, I’ll just turn on the tune hoping they’ll get the point.

Best regards,

An “STFU” fan (aka Chris Azzopardi)

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