‘The Beauty Out of Detroit’ LGBTQ Art Show April 13

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Famika Edmond said she has always been artistically inclined. As early as 10 years old she knew that drawing was a way for her to destress and decompress, a useful skill when her parents told her at that age that they were moving from New York City to Detroit.
“It was hard trying to adjust, so that was my way of being able to express how I was feeling,” Edmond said. “But it just gave me joy and I liked doing it.”
That’s a skill that, decades later, Edmond has maintained in her adult life. Though she now works as a community outreach specialist for the City of Detroit Health Department, she still devotes time to artistic expression through drawing and photography, though admittedly not as much as she would like. In fact, it was when a friend saw some of her latest photography and asked her, “Why haven’t you been taking pictures?” that Edmond said she got an idea for a local art show featuring herself and other LGBTQ artists.
“I started looked at my work and thought, ‘You know what? I want to do a gallery.’ And then the idea popped [up] to me because I have so many friends that have been trying to explore it and who are LGBT,” Edmond said. “A lot of times we don’t have a lot of avenues to promote us, so I figured [a show] would be excellent to spotlight our talent.”
Titled the “Beauty Out of Detroit,” Edmond’s show will be held on Saturday, April 13, and will blend together the mediums of photography, portraiture, spoken word and mixed media at the Norwest Gallery of Art in Detroit’s Northwest Neighborhood.
“We have had so many negative connotations surrounding Detroit and I think with us coming back and with so many of the things happening in Detroit, these are the things we need to highlight,” she said.
The artists to be featured in the exhibit besides Edmond will be Elishia Johnson, Demetruis R. Green and Ari Hampton and the event will be hosted by local presenter Ka’Juan Hill. When asked how she thought of the event’s title and theme, Edmond said that she wanted to leave a topic broad enough for everyone involved to provide their own interpretation of Detroit’s beauty.
“I want whatever comes out of their heart, whatever they want to express to be what they express,” she said. “I want whatever flows to be as authentic and organic as possible.”
Even though Edmond has never put on a show like this before, she said she was motivated because she hasn’t yet seen anything quite like it in the area.
“When you see stuff that’s not happening, just go out and do it for yourself,” she said. “I’m not going to sit back and wait for someone to say, ‘You shouldn’t be doing this,’ or, ‘Here, let me give you this opportunity.’ I think because of the way that things are coming back to Detroit, it’s given those doors of opportunity to people who might not have normally tried things out.”
Asia Hamilton is the owner of Norwest Gallery and a similar entrepreneurial spirit, having started her business just a year ago. She said that though this is the first LGBTQ-specific event happening in the space, she’s thrilled to host it because it highlights local talent.
“I love exhibitions that pertain to the city as well as celebrate the city that have a significant amount of artists from here,” Hamilton said. “We need to spread out a little bit and we need more support of the arts and more people supporting the arts that are not artists in Detroit.”
Edmond said that there are plans in motion to do future events as well, but that for right now, she’s mostly excited to showcase the work of some of her fellow creators.
“Just being able to give this opportunity to a couple of my fellow friends and to get their names and work out there, I’m excited about that,” Edmond said. “And because I know the people I’m working with, I feel it’s going to be a really good event. It’s a great opportunity to highlight our work.”
TAGLINE “The Beauty Out of Detroit” will be held from 7 to 10 p.m. To find out more about the event visit the event’s Facebook page or go online to norwestgallery.com.

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