The best revenge is a life well lived

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Some days it can be hard to keep going. These are the days when April showers bring May snow storms, it feels like most of the news is bad, and it seems like Bill Frist and George W. Bush are in their version of God’s heaven and nothing is right with the world.
Bad news aside, people are waking up to the writing on the wall. On page 11, we bring you the straight and gay led student group Students Achieving Marriage Equality, which demonstrated on the Capitol steps on April 27. On page 28 we tell you about Deborah Rudacille, a straight natal woman who wrote a remarkable, stereotype-free book about transgender people and the struggle for transgender rights.
And on page 9 we actually bring you some good news. Just in time for the second Family Lobby Day on Tuesday, May 10, state Representative Paul Condino is about to introduce a fair and just bill in the Michigan House that will protect our children by allowing second-parent adoption. The bill already has 11 co-sponsors, all Democrats. Be sure to contact your Representative if his or her name isn’t on the list and thank those that are.
Bev Davidson, president of the Coalition for Adoption Rights Equality, one of the groups behind the May 10 Lobby Day, is enduring the uncertainties and joys of being pregnant, a lesbian, and partnered – all while working to end that insecurity not only for her family, but for all LGBT families with children. “My dream was to be able to have this bill passed before I had a baby, but at least the bill will be introduced before we have the baby, so that makes me happy,” Davidson told BTL. With inspiring stories like Bev’s, how hard can it be for each of us to write one more letter, make one more phone call, or write one more check to the pro-LGBT organization of our choice?
And having done one or more of these, go out and have some fun. A life spent solely in action will burn us out, unless we can have some joy along the way. And besides – nothing makes right wing radicals grind their teeth more than the fact that we have the best parties. So take some time out from action and bad news this month to go see “Hairspray,” which we review in this issue, a musical about a girl with big hair and equally big ideas. After all, the best revenge is a life well lived.

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