The Bottom Line

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1 Queer-looking E
6 Opening noted at the office
10 Hieroglyphic serpent
13 Hometown of Brando
14 C&W singer McCoy
15 Homophone of a Broadway bio
16 Target of deep thrust?
17 Lynch of “Glee”
18 Will beneficiary
19 Jabbed with a joint
20 Bear of the night
21 Bannon and others
22 Decide not to go straight
24 Performing in the Globe, e.g.
26 Suffix with cigar
29 “Sweatin’ to the Oldies” guru Richard
31 Marvel Comics superhero
32 ___ tape (video starring Trump)
33 Tavern with naked dancers?
37 Word before “ass”
39 Org. for Jodie Foster
41 What parents may hope homosexuality is
42 Beat up on
44 “I have a headache” et al.
46 “Brothers & Sisters” producer Ken
47 Washington setting of “Frasier”
49 Strip under the futon
50 ___ People
53 Wannabe singer’s tape
55 “Spamalot” writer Eric
56 Type of bag
58 Paul Lynde, on “Bewitched”
62 “The multitudinous ___ incarnadine” (“Macbeth”)
63 Man, as a cruising goal
64 It comes under a jockey’s shorts
65 Scots cover their heads with them
66 Adverb in verse
67 News show of Jenna Wolfe, formerly
68 State that didn’t elect homophobe Roy Moore (abbr.)
69 Oldest of the Brady kids
70 Begins, on Broadway

1 Batman word like “Pow!” and “Bam!”
2 “Move your butt!”
3 In the pink
4 Start of the “bottom line” about lesbian sex as you get older
5 Alternative to TNT
6 More of the “bottom line”
7 Kind of beer
8 1996 Lili Taylor movie with Mel Gibson
9 She loved Franklin and Lorena
10 “Spartacus” venue
11 Filing for palimony, e.g.
12 As such
15 End of the “bottom line”
23 Gaydar, for example
25 Move the football between your legs
26 Jazz singer James
27 What you must remember, as time goes by
28 Todd Oldham designs, e.g.
30 Stood for
34 Bouncer for Amelie Mauresmo
35 China setting
36 Money from Lucy to Ethel
38 “___ yellow ribbon …”
40 Comic Dana, source of the “bottom line”
43 Falling behind
45 Cole Porter’s “___ America First”
48 More economical verbally
50 End of a farewell from Frida
51 Like Everett, as a movie husband
52 Wool source
54 Michael of “The Village Voice”
57 Away from the wind
59 Turn over
60 Like some meat
61 Maker of some fruity flavors


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