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The Songs of the Gay ‘A League of Their Own’

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1 Line in a Rita Mae Brown novel?
5 No longer jail bait
10 Straddling
14 Tow job
15 St. Teresa’s town
16 Half of “Lois and Clark”
17 Where to find hot buns
18 Music genre of Roddy Bottum
19 Become frayed
20 “Hazy Shade of Winter” cover band, with “The” (from the gay “A League of Their Own”)
22 “Like a Virgin” singer (from the gay “ALOTO”)
24 Big name in China
25 “The Music Man” setting
26 Star’s rep
27 Porking place?
28 Home st. of Maupin
31 Janis Joplin’s Bobby
33 Most straight, at a bar?
36 Big name in oil
37 “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” singer (from the gay “ALOTO”)
39 Some G.M. cars
41 W.H. Auden’s wrench
42 Guys who use come-on lines
44 Not even once, to Dickinson
45 Physique, informally
48 Colette’s Mrs.
49 Queen, to a dealer
52 “We’ll see”
54 “Livin’ on a Prayer” band (from the gay “ALOTO”)
56 “Blackbird” band (from the gay “ALOTO”)
58 “Tell me ___ haven’t heard!”
59 Landau’s _Ed Wood_ award
61 Put on the staff
62 “Kinsey” title role portrayer Neeson
63 Michael of “Jeffrey”
64 ___ about (roughly)
65 Lesbian juggler Felder
66 Hisser shaped like a pisser
67 Put out

1 Vehicles for exploring Uranus
2 Pianist Oscar
3 How many gay people live
4 South Pacific kingdom
5 Liberace fabric
6 Eater of forbidden fruit, and others
7 “Scram!” to Gomer
8 You must remember this
9 Bochco TV drama
10 Words used in setting the tempo
11 Justin Suarez of “Ugly Betty,” for one
12 Juicy fruits
13 Jolly Roger fliers
21 Stuff in a closet
23 Dyke’s latex
25 Wilde country
29 Assholes
30 What you can take from me
32 Mother of Chaz
33 NASDAQ rival
34 Not nutty as a fruitcake
35 Dancer Tommy
37 Have an orgasm in the vicinity of?
38 Frost starter
39 Frolics about the streets of Vegas?
40 Sculptor Lewis
43 USMC barracks boss
45 Name in the “Southern Voice”
46 The king of fairies
47 ” ___ Hearts”
50 Admits openly
51 Out of bed
53 Threesome member for Dumas
55 Iwo ___
56 Tan at South Beach
57 Language of 25-Down
60 Org. in many spy movies


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