There’s Something About Marrying

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1 “Hairspray” composer Shaiman
5 Twinkle in your partner’s eye
10 Visit Barneys, e.g.
14 Person with a PC
15 Two to one, for one
16 Scroll for the cut
17 Circumcision or baptism
18 Gussy up
19 Prefix with science
20 Start of a question in “There’s Something About Marrying”
22 More of the question
24 Ten-incher, for example
25 Tips off
26 Kind of straight, in poker.
30 End of the question
34 Be intense like a queen
36 Rear on board
37 Bone of John the Baptist, e.g.
40 Nuts
41 On-line locales
43 Airline to Ben Gurion
44 He cared for Samuel
45 Comic Lea
47 The I’s have it
48 Emulates Isadora Duncan
50 Seasonal serving
52 Cartoon series of the episode “There’s Something About Marrying”
56 Ryan of porn
58 German sub
59 “Lions and tigers and bears, ___!”
62 Matching notes for Rorem?
63 Head-oriented group
64 Secure with lines
65 Pain suppressed by Schumacher?
66 Chat room request
67 Flock females

1 Many a painting by Frida’s Diego
2 Broadway whisper
3 Change labels
4 Thick liqueur
5 Will Geer’s role on “The Waltons”
6 Cheryl of “Charlie’s Angels”
7 War zone, in brief
8 Opera singers put them on?
9 Yves, but not YSL
10 Pilot’s place
11 Character who married some gay couples and asked the question
12 Phrase from Ripley
13 Two queens, and others
21 Start of a Sappho title, perhaps
23 Kind of statesman
27 Response to an online personal, perhaps
28 1993 treaty acronym
29 Pass the threshold
30 Fruity kind of computer?
31 Latin I word
32 Urvashi has one
33 Degeneres program, for short, with “The”
34 Hauled ass
35 Marlene Dietrich role in “Blue Angel”
38 “Otello” villain
39 Drain trouble
41 “Mississippi Sissy” author Kevin
42 Breaks for Almodovar
45 Report card blemish
46 “Fourscore and seven years ___…”
49 “Boys Don’t Cry” actress Sevigny
51 Fairy story figure
53 “Suuure!”
54 “Tales of the City” character
55 Time gone by
56 Part of a Stein line
57 “The Times of Harvey Milk,” for short
60 He comes between Larry and Curly
61 Periods that last 525,600 min.




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