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I have been a volunteer at Affirmations for eight years and I have known Leslie Thompson since the first day she came to Affirmations. Leslie has done a tremendous job since she her arrival there. When she came Affirmations was on the brink of closing. Without her in my opinion Affirmations will not be where it is today. Over the years there have been many staff changes regardless of race, gender identity/expression or sexual orientation. Leslie has been very open to all of us. With my help and my late wife Jamie we have taught her and the staff about transgender issues. I am also sure that she may have played a hand in awarding myself the Jan Stevenson award a few years back The first one to be given to someone who is transgendered. I also know that she played apart in naming an annual award in Jamie’s name to be given out every year for a volunteer that has done multiple tasks at Affirmations.
I have to applaud her determination and the work she has done.
We in the TLGB community have enough predjudice that we have to put with. Just like our rainbow symbol we should embrace diversity. We are all brothers and sisters regardless of skin color, ethnic background, sexual orientation or gender identity/expression. Let’s all work together and not be devisive to make this world a better place to live.

Michelle Fox-Phillps
A proud volunteer at Affirmations

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