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Eve Kucharski
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A Kalamazoo resident for more than 20 years, Kalamazoo County Commissioner Tracy Hall represents the 3rd District. Among her other priorities, Hall has said she is dedicated to increasing intergovernmental collaboration and cooperation and enhancing the overall quality of life for all the residents of Kalamazoo. In 2019, she said she wants to focus on making it known that LGBTQ people have a voice in county government.
“To also make sure that I continue to help move Kalamazoo county and our various policies to reflect that we are a welcoming and inclusive county,” Hall said. “To look for areas where there are gaps and assess how, as county government, we can close those gaps. I will also push our state elected officials to amend our civil rights act and to work toward other policies that are beneficial to the LGBTQ community.”
Hall added that she’s excited for the pro-LGBTQ equality candidates who were elected across Michigan.
“Obviously, I am super excited about the big wins at the state level, but here in Kalamazoo we had an impressive blue wave. The County Board now has eight Democrats. In fact, two of my incumbent Republican colleagues lost. One is the current chair of the Kalamazoo GOP and the other is a long-term politician from this area. Those were significant wins for us,” Hall said. “Just as important and big was the victory of State Sen.-elect, Sean McCann, who defeated well known State Sen. Margaret O’Brien.”
She said she is hopeful that in 2019 the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act will be amended.

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