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Transgender Michigan’s Birthday Bash and Halloween Party at Affirmations Nov. 2

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Picking out Halloween costumes and having a birthday are usually recipes for a fun day, but putting them together is certainly a recipe for a good time. That’s what Transgender Michigan is doing for its Birthday Bash and Halloween Costume Party to be held on Saturday, Nov. 2, at the Affirmations LGBTQ community center in Ferndale. It will be a celebration of Transgender Michigan’s start and the birthday of Transgender Michigan’s Founder Rachel Crandall-Crocker.
“Now is when we need to be all together. The party is perfect for people who have never really gone out in the past. It’s in a safe environment, all trans and allies and it could be a good way for people to make friends,” Crandall-Crocker said.
When asked what she’s excited about most for the event she laughed that it wasn’t about turning 60, but she’s eager for the event to encourage the support of the transgender community. And hosting the event as it aligns with Halloween is intentional, too.
“When I was growing up I looked forward to Halloween all year long. And I have friends who are cross-dressers that their partner only allows them to dress as a woman once a year and that’s on Halloween,” Crandall-Crocker said. “Oh my God, it was so wonderful when I could actually be a girl one day a year.”
Crandall-Crocker’s experience is shared by many in the transgender community and she said she hopes that there will be a large turnout this year. Also at the event will be karaoke, prizes food and much more.
“And all of our events are free, every single one. There are other transgender events of other organizations that cost money, however ours never do,” she said. “Everyone who is trans or an ally is welcome, even if they don’t have a penny to their name. They are welcome to come and eat and have a good time.”
Find out more about the event online at transgendermichigan.org.

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