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By Dawn Wolfe Gutterman
WOODLAWN, Ohio – On June 28, 1975 the first rainbow flag was used. In what city did this occur?
Who is Urvashi Vaid?
Was the noted artist Paul Cadmus known for his painting, or music?
Don’t know the answers? Then it’s time to bone up on your knowledge of LGBT culture. Our Family Game can help.
Our Family Game is like Trivial Pursuit with a twist. As in the famous 1980s game, players must answer questions to advance from place to place on the board. The questions fall into three categories, all about LGBTs; History, Business and Politics, and Entertainment and the Arts.
The twist comes in when players land on the board’s “luck” spaces and must draw from among thirty Luck Situation cards that can result in their moving forward – or back. Luck Situation cards are based on real-life situations that might be faced by LGBTs.
One lucky card, which moves a player ahead six spaces, says, “You and your lover are going to have a commitment ceremony and you are surprised when you find out your office mates are throwing you a bridal shower.”
Or, the player might lose a turn by drawing this card: “While the FBI does their investigation into your background before your appointment to the Supreme Court, you secretly solicit your friends to lie about your being gay.”
The game is the creation of Judy McClure, an African-American woman who describes herself as “basically bi” and has worked in television broadcasting, public relations and the pharmaceutical industry.
The game is for everyone, LGBT and straight alike, said McClure, because it is “an educational-type tool.”
“Having lived in New York and being an African-American female, having dealt with various discriminations throughout life, I felt that there needed to be something that would educate people about LGBT people’s accomplishments – to take them out of the bedroom and put them into the boardroom,” she said.
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