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Tuesday the Rabbi Saw Pink

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1 “The Lion King” villain
5 They pick up strangers
9 Places for tats, perhaps
13 Choice for Hamlet
14 Discharge
15 Nuts
16 Jessica of “Little Folkers”
17 Like a nimble old goat
18 Acronym for bears
19 Author of the novel version of 35-Across
22 Banned pesticide
23 A little more than bi-
24 Florence’s ___ Vecchio
26 Daughter of a nonhomophobic president
28 Not needing a little blue pill
31 Neither a win nor a loss
32 Stritch of Broadway
34 Sulu’s starship captain
35 Novel or movie about lesbians in the Orthodox Jewish community
38 Tools for Wilde
39 Restraint for a stallion
40 “___ De-Lovely”
41 Opposite of fem.
42 “___ Survive”
46 Like some tricks
48 From A ___
50 Way of the East
51 She played Esti Kuperman in the movie version of 35-Across
55 Start of a Mozart opera title
56 Threesome minus one
57 Bubbly drinks
58 What Santa gave, in verse
59 Vampire novelist Rice
60 Break bread
61 Pride places
62 Sallee of Pentatonix
63 Practices thespianism

1 They may be one-night
2 Fruity mixed drink
3 Top Trappists
4 Paper amount
5 “The Gay Caballero” star Romero
6 Sound equipment for Queen
7 Shuttlecock
8 Eyelid ailment
9 Siege site of 1836
10 Type of comedy, such as Ephron’s “Bewitched”
11 “Queen of Country” Reba
12 Chicago cap word
20 Prefix for Da Vinci’s land
21 Letters on a Johnny Mathis record
25 Cry of fear
27 Big name in oil
29 Result of working for Trump, often
30 Tobias pseudonym
33 “Mamma Mia!” band
34 Shagged, Biblically
35 Unseat a queen, e.g.
36 When fruits are ready to be eaten
37 “My Fair Lady” lady
38 It’s a snap for Annie Leibovitz
41 Dash letters
43 Not straight up
44 For example, “Alas, poor Yorick!”
45 Blemishes on the Indiana Fever’s record
47 Materials for Paul Cadmus etchings
49 String ensemble, maybe
52 Red-coated cheese
53 Deity identified with Diana
54 Style of Marcel Duchamp
55 Contemptible sort


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