University expels gay student

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by The Associated Press

SILOAM SPRINGS, Ark. – A former John Brown University student said he was expelled from the school where his parents work after the administration raised questions about his homosexuality and imposed restrictions on his campus life.
Michael Guinn said the private Christian liberal-arts school dismissed him Jan. 13 for violating campus lifestyle guidelines.
Guinn said he was required to adhere to behavior codes not required of other students; John Brown officials declined to discuss Guinn’s case specifically.
Guinn said the university learned last summer that he was gay after someone e-mailed the administration a link to Guinn’s online journal.
According to Guinn, he was required to sign a pledge that he would not dress in women’s clothing, not slap others on the buttocks if he was a member of a sports team, not hug or shake hands with other men for too long, not “broadcast” his lifestyle, and not tell other students he was gay until he knew them well.
Guinn said it was difficult to make friends under the restrictions.
Guinn’s father is an English professor at John Brown and his mother is a campus nurse.

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