Unlucky in love – or lust

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Embarrassing in-love (or lust) moments don’t easily get erased. These BTL readers know that all too well.

My sophomore year of college, we had a game that we played where we would try to steal university-assigned furniture from eachother’s rooms. My girlfriend’s suite was down the hall from mine and I had just stolen their lamp the day before and I hid it in our bathroom. (One day) I came back from an acting class sweaty and took a shower; I forgot to lock the door and nobody knew I was in there, so I’m singing (for class) in the shower when three girls run in giggling about the lamp. They thought I wasn’t in the shower. Worst part: I had a massive erection and they had cameras.
– Sean Rodriguez Sharpe, Detroit

I was dating a guy for a few months, and he really liked my huge spider web covering my house for Halloween. On Valentine’s Day, he gave me a huge spider to go with it! I fell in love with him a bit more that day.
– David J. Watt, Kalamazoo

My most embarrassing incident was when I first met my partner, Michelle. We had plans to go out on a date, our first, and I was very nervous. So nervous that when she picked me up, I threw up on her. Needless to say, we kinda bonded and have been madly in love ever since. And she got out of taking me to dinner.
– Tiffany McLean, Southfield

There was a time shortly after having sex with my boyfriend – at the time I wasn’t feeling well – (when) I went to the bathroom to find meds. I’m sitting there nude on the toilet when his mother proceeds to casually walk in, donning her nightgown, (and) walks right by me to her vanity, sprays on perfume and walks back out.
– Jonathan Roberts, Ypsilanti

I was reasonably newly out, dating my first girlfriend for about six months or so. We arranged to meet at a party because I had to work quite late that night. I got there and was wandering around looking for her, because we didn’t think to arrange where we might actually meet and at what time at the party, when I spot her. I walked up behind her, put my arms around her and said something quite lurid in her ear. I thought it was surprising that when she heard what I said, she spit out her drink in shock – until she turned around and I saw that it was a woman I didn’t know at all. I don’t blush easily, but I blushed then for sure.
– Barbara Sharpe, Kalamazoo

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