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By Imani Williams

Despite the cold in Michigan there are plenty of feel good ways to enjoy the new year. Most of us have some friends whom we have unintentionally managed to neglect over the past year. Everyone’s busy running to and fro trying to keep one foot ahead of whatever befalls us when we aren’t focused on getting everything done yesterday. In the midst of this it’s easy to sometimes forget the simple things.
As 2004 starts off treat yourself to the gift of forgiveness. Stop beating yourself up with if I could a woulda’s and grab hold of life.
If you have a list of people that you want or need to thank for opening your eyes to what you really won’t put up with in the coming year, do so. Do it by starting with a list of goals of what you will accomplish in the New Year. Write down obstacles that can stop you from achieving these goals. Be honest and list your bad habits (we all have some self defeating behaviors) that can be worked on if we first admit them. List the people in your life that can stop you from being your sho’nuff all. Be honest. This means writing down the characteristics and names of people you need to let go of. Life is short. You know the culprits that you allow in your space who shouldn’t be there for various reasons. Only you can truly stop you from being all you can be. Here are seven ways to feel good that don’t cost a lot.
1. Call people you’ve been meaning to check in and on (one call per day should do it).
2. Go and visit someone that you know would love to see your face.
3. Gather up a group of kids and make some cookies or just hold a rap session with some popcorn and soda (where they talk and you listen and learn, oh you will have questions but let them lead). You’ll be surprised at how much more in tune today’s youth are with life issues compared to where you were at their age.
4. Visit your local library and check out something intriguing. Does Zane ring a bell for anyone?
5. Do something you ordinarily wouldn’t do for fun. You might just like it.
6. Forgive that person you’ve been mad at since 1994. It’s ten years later for goodness sake.
7. Be thankful for all the goodness in your life. (You woke up this morning right?) Many didn’t!

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