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Vote ‘no’ on dove shooting ballot

By |2006-10-12T09:00:00-04:00October 12th, 2006|Opinions|

I thank PrideSource for endorsing the “no” vote on Proposal 3 – the ballot issue on whether or not to allow dove shooting in Michigan. Mourning doves are Michigan’s official state bird of peace. They are beneficial to farmers by eating weed seeds. They do not cause a nuisance. They are not overpopulated. The only reason to shoot a dove is for target practice. To me, that is unethical.
There is an unacceptably high wounding rate on mourning doves. In other states, about 30 percent of mourning doves are not retrieved. This means that many doves are shot, slowly suffer and die in fields and bushes. What is worse is that there is no reason for it. There are over 40 other birds that can be hunted in Michigan. I am voting “no” on shooting doves Nov. 7. StopShootingDoves.org has more information.
William McMullin
Mt. Morris

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