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Voting on marriage

By | 2012-02-23T09:00:00-05:00 February 23rd, 2012|Opinions|

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Rights should NEVER be voted on. This man needs to be removed from office. Can’t they override his veto??
-Rich Waugh

Christie is a coward. There is no legal precedent in NJ for any marriage laws being on a public ballot. Not interracial marriage or allowing freed African Americans to marry. Either all marriages go on the ballot or none. Democracy and equality are not selective or pejorative.
-Anthony Boussie

If the courts decide, they’re being activists; if the legislature decides, they’re undermining the will of the people; if the executive decides, he’s being a dictator; If the people decide, it’s the tyranny of the majority. What a joke.
-Todd Erickson

Voting on rights violates federal law and the 14th Amendment. It also violates the 1st Amendment. Denying gay marriage, you are effectively denying the 1st Amendment to gay affirming churches and gay people.
-Rich Waugh

You cannot vote on the rights of a minority.
-Johnny Rheaume

What if we voted on Christie’s marriage?
-BC Cabangbang

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