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Dear BTL,
I have been an avid reader of your publication for several years and consider it to be a trusted news source regarding Michigan’s LGBT community (and beyond). I especially enjoy the diverse commentary featured in the editorial pages, which is why I celebrated the return of Imani Williams’ column in your Dec. 15 issue.
However, my celebration was cut short as my eyes fell on her column’s headline: “Local lesbian discovers love of pussy.” Although the introduction made it clear to readers that Ms. Williams was writing about a feline phobia that she would later overcome, the title reduced an otherwise mature piece to something more juvenile–or, worse, something more fitting for a porno rag than a highly-regarded newspaper. Her work deserves more respect than that.
At a time when mainstream anti-gay rhetoric is peppered with misconceptions regarding our sexuality, the last thing we need to do is use oversexed tones in our messages. We have come too far in this ever-evolving culture war, and journalistic endeavors such as BTL helped us get here. Please don’t reverse that momentum by using language that could possibly put our community in an unfavorable light.
Vanessa Marr,

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