• Commissioners passed resolution declaring Wayne County "Welcoming County" for immigrants.

Wayne County Celebrates Diversity, Contributions by Immigrants — LGBTQ Included

Eve Kucharski
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DETROIT — Commissioners have passed a resolution declaring Wayne County a “Welcoming County” for immigrants.

The county says a special presentation made Thursday in Detroit recognizes contributions made by immigrants and celebrates the importance of diversity and inclusion.

Wayne County is in southeastern Michigan. Detroit is the county seat.

The county is partnering with Welcoming Michigan, a chapter of Welcoming America. Welcoming America’s website says it is a Decatur, Georgia-based nonprofit that supports communities interested in becoming more inclusive toward immigrants and all residents.

Wayne County says it will communicate messages of unity and shared values while working to improve inclusion and access to government.

County Executive Warren Evans said that “there’s a climate today where many people don’t feel welcome and that’s hurting us as a society.”

When asked if the “Welcoming County” resolution was inclusive for LGBTQ people, Evans gave a resounding “yes.”

“It’s inclusive for everybody, and anybody who thinks that in this day and age that we should be making distinctions about any of those issues, I think is crazy,” he said. “So, yes, it is supportive of everyone in Wayne County, the diversity of Wayne County and, certainly, that’s diversity.”

Much of this story originally appeared as part of an Associated Press report.

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