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  • Photo courtesy of Jason Bush

Wayne’s World

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A Local Designer’s Breathable, Butt-Hugging Underwear Line for Men Who Want to Feel Comfortable While Feeling Sexy

Designer Perry Wayne taught himself how to sew and used that skill to start creating the type of fashionable clothes he dreamed to one day produce for the world. “Being a designer has always been a dream of mine,” Wayne said, and his creative process feels “like clean energy flowing through my bones breathing.”

Photo courtesy of Jason Bush

Most recently, he focused this energy into the launch of his new self-titled underwear line, Wayne.
Somehow, the line manages to be a breath of fresh air in an increasingly flooded market, mostly because of Wayne’s buy local spin. In place of obscure abdomens, Wayne uses real people plucked from our community to market the brand as models.
I know them. If they look good, I’ll look good is what you’ll begin to wonder, which makes the brand’s overall aura that much more attainable and close to home.
Wayne received a head-to-toe breakdown of the fashion businesses during his time at the Art Institute of Novi. But he gets his sense of glamour from his mother.
“My mother was a huge influence when I was a little boy,” he said. “She would always dress up in beautiful outfits and coats that would stop a runway.”
When it comes to his work ethic, Wayne calls himself “moody.”
“Which means, I design my garments based on what mood I am in,” he said. “They’re extremely fitted and hit in all the right places. They also make me feel extremely confident, and that’s always been in issue for me wearing underwear. But now, thanks to my creative design work and precise cuts, I feel amazing in my own underwear.”
In the right pair, you could, too. The line’s highlights include neon blues, electric blacks and mesh in brief, jockstrap and trunk styles that are breathable and butt-hugging.

Photo courtesy of Jason Bush

“The reason I came up with these particular designs is because they express who I am as a person,” he said. “Also, making men feel sexy and comfortable is the key to building confidence.”
Wayne admits, he only recently started experimenting with jockstraps – one of the most popular underwear garments for gay waistlines.
“Never have I thought I would wear a jock, but now I wear my Wayne jocks almost every day,” he said, explaining, “(It) might look intimidating at first, but, when it’s on, it makes you feel extremely confident. My goal is to make everyone feel good about themselves.”
By no means is that goal limited to gay men only. Wayne has plans to eventually launch a brick and mortar space where men of all shapes, sizes and sexualities are welcome who want to feel good about what they are wearing underneath their pants.
“Men in general like to feel comfortable and sexy at the same time,” Wayne said. “Having underwear that is stylish and gives you that versatility is important to a guy’s taste.”

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