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ANN ARBOR – Fall in love – check. Buy engagement ring – check. Make proposal – check. Now what?
The prospect of planning a wedding can be overwhelming.
There’s choosing to invite Aunt Betsy, the right location and selecting a menu.
But Effortless Entertaining just made the latter easier.
Donnie Burton has been helping couples walk down the aisle in style since 2001, when he opened Effortless Entertaining, an Ann Arbor-based catering and event planning company.
Burton has helped organize and prepare food for gatherings including weddings, bar mitzvahs and corporate and university events.
“We handle parties from 15 to 1,500 people and provide everything from a box lunch to a seven-course plated meal,” Burton said.
Burton excels at helping parties run seamlessly under the most stressful circumstances. How can you keep your commitment ceremony disaster free?
“The biggest mistake people make is in trying to steal time to save money,” he said. “You think on your wedding day you can flower design and dress the table and do things that should be left to someone else. In reality, you’re creating a mess for yourself and a big headache. You should turn those tasks over to another person so you can enjoy your party and not stress out.”
The first decision when planning a wedding is whether to hire a caterer or an event planner, Burton said. Event planners cover every aspect of a party, from what guests will see upon arrival to clean-up after. Planners help bring together decorations, lighting, tents and other equipment rentals, linens, flowers, sound, food and beverages.
“I tell clients I will create an event within their budgets,” he said.
Effortless Entertaining offers a vast catering menu, with breakfasts, brunches, lunches and dinners. The best part: the food is made from scratch. Effortless Entertaining offers appetizer choices such as a delicious hot crab dip, sushi and succulent grilled vegetables.
Chicken piccata, roasted venison tenderloin and paella are just three of dozens of entrĂ©es. Simple foods such as fried chicken and potato salad are also on their menu. “We do a lot of picnic weddings,” he said.
For the sweet tooth, sink your teeth into a slice of scrumptious cheesecake or, better yet, The Chocolate Fountain, a visually stunning blend of marshmallows, rice crispy treats, graham crackers, pretzels and strawberries.
Choosing from a variety of Mama Mucci’s pastas, oils and sauces that are certified kosher pareve, Effortless Entertaining also will create menus to suit ethnic and dietary restrictions.
Whether you want an intimate party surrounded by close family and friends or a glamorous wedding people will be talking about for years, Effortless Entertaining will turn a dream into reality.

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