What Bob Said to Bob

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1 Reproduced nonheterosexually?
5 Nut from Oak Lawn
10 Nuts and bolts
14 Facetious “I see”
15 Lindsay of “Liz & Dick”
16 Farmer’s tool
17 Chocolate factory vessels
18 Photographer Leibovitz
19 Cocksure Aesop character
20 Start of what Bob Armstrong said to Bob Barnard, on “Insatiable”
22 Coal delivery unit
23 More of what Bob said to Bob
24 “A Girl Thing” director
26 Most like Patrick Stewart
28 Einstein’s birthplace
29 Plug attachment
30 More of what Bob said to Bob
34 More of what Bob said to Bob
39 At the top
40 1943 Bogart film
41 “If ___ my way …”
42 Split one in the locker room
45 “Beat it!”
46 Long-jawed swimmer
47 Like Philip Seymour Hoffman playing a movie priest?
51 Wall St. bears watch it
52 More of what Bob said to Bob
55 PinkNews, for one
56 R.E.M.’s “The ___ Love”
57 It’s glorious, in _Oliver!_
59 End of what Bob said to Bob
63 Marilyn Monroe facial feature
66 Maria’s “Do-___”
67 Sample some buns, e.g.
68 United, to Vivien
69 “Why, ___ delighted!”
70 German industrial hub
71 Say whether or not you’re coming

1 Superman portrayer Henry
2 Rub the wrong way
3 Cosmetics name
4 One who gives AZT, e.g.
5 It borders Tenn.
6 Denounce, to Shakespeare
7 Cry after getting the shaft
8 “Black-ish” character or gay symbol
9 SSW’s opposite
10 One that sucks some sap
11 “The Pink Panther” director Edwards
12 They’re found in some fruits
13 Result of a good, hard workout
21 “Meet Me in St. ___”
23 Andean pack animal
25 Supporter of bedroom activity
27 Stein fillers
30 One of the Mario Brothers
31 Green with an unfabulous social life
32 Style that’s fashionable but a failure?
33 Muscle Mary’s pride
35 Actress Sandra’s family
36 You can take them at Palm Springs
37 Use a rubber
38 Mr. Right-now
42 D.C. summer clock setting
43 Drama in the land of Samurai
44 Expected to come soon
47 Parting words, old style
48 Veto
49 Dean Cain’s “The ___ Hearts Club”
50 Catch some rays at South Beach
53 Any song by Johnny Mathis
54 Bone near the scrotum
57 Good da. in Lent
58 Ref for Lytton Strachey
60 Geoff Ryman AIDS novel
61 Sink-trap shape
62 Summer for Rimbaud
64 Tyler of “Lord of the Rings”
65 Sixth sense



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