“What’s Up?” Documentary

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1 Samurai’s libation
5 Sites for three women in a tub
9 Benjamin Britten’s Peter
14 Wasn’t straight
15 Sushi ingredient
16 Stan’s sidekick
17 Potent opening
18 Paintings and such, to da Vinci
19 “Cats” was based on his kitty lit
20 Documentary series that explores LGBTQ cultures around the world
22 Sends a nude selfie, maybe
23 Edmonia Lewis work
24 “Nuts!”
26 Cable car
29 Ex of Etheridge
33 Shakespearean manuscript
37 Barrie’s lake
39 Autobahn car
40 Director Kazan
41 Type of hole
42 Worker on Broadway
43 Ghostbusters role
44 Apollo’s plaything
45 Susan’s role on “Fued”
46 Johansson kisser Bullock
48 Slight advantage
50 Verdi work adapted by John
52 Like “Beauty and the Beast”
57 Shaped like balls
60 Broadcasting company that airs 20-Across
63 Bert’s longtime companion
64 Stadium namesake Arthur
65 Isn’t getting any younger
66 Ceremony at Beth Simchat Torah
67 Laurel of laughs
68 Wise guy
69 They hang from utility belts and under them
70 Mall bag
71 Love of Lesbos

1 Plods along
2 Target before shooting off
3 Obama birthplace, in a Trump lie
4 Decree from the queen
5 Rippon or Mattis
6 Roz portrayer on “Frasier”
7 Voice in a loft
8 Shoot your wad
9 What Emily Dickinson put out
10 “Whip It” star who cohosts 20-Across
11 Singer Dobkin
12 Pussy ___ of punk rock
13 Becomes Jell-o
21 Wheels, so to speak
25 Remembering the S&M, perhaps
27 War partner
28 Julianne of “The Hours”
30 “Kiss of the Spider Woman”‘s William
31 Polish up the copy
32 Like a fruit ready to eat
33 Lawyers’ charges
34 Russian saint
35 Pride member
36 Sri Lankan cricketer who cohosts 20-Across
38 Rep on the street
41 Gay, even to heteros
45 Gymnast’s perch
47 Dykes on Bikes, e.g.
49 “What the Dead Remember” writer Harlan
51 “Cease!” on the seas
53 Style some hair, in “Hairspray”
54 Second name in cross-dressing
55 Frida’s husband
56 Oxygen and nitrogen
57 Silence for Tchaikovsky
58 Chocolate sandwich
59 Disengage, as a bra hook
61 Words in an analogy
62 Converse at OurTime, e.g.

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