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Where the Presidential candidates stand

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An analysis of the candidates’ positions on issues of concern to the GLBT community

Employment Non-Discrimination

Barack Obama:
* Supports ending employment discrimination against the entire GLBT community

John McCain:
* Cast a deciding vote against ENDA

“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

Barack Obama
* Opposes the discriminatory “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy

John McCain:
* Believes that GLBT people should not be allowed to serve openly, and supports “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” He said, “My view is that in the case of the military, the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy was appropriate. And I also believe that — that gays should not be in the military.”

Relationship Recognition

Barack Obama:
* Supports repeal of DOMA
* Voted against the Federal Marriage Amendment (FMA)
* Supports civil unions and domestic partnerships
* Supports family benefits for same-sex partners of federal employees
* Opposes allowing civil marriage for same-sex couples

John McCain:
* Voted for and supports DOMA, which denies couples all protections
* Voted against the Federal Marriage Amendment (FMA), but campaigned for a state amendment that would have also banned civil unions and domestic partnerships
* Does not support family benefits for partners of federal employees
* Opposes allowing civil marriage for same-sex couples

Hate Crimes

Barack Obama:
* Supports inclusive legislation to protect the entire GLBT community against bias-motivated violence
* Voted against hate crimes legislation three times
* Supports Ryan White CARE Act and access for early treatment of HIV under Medicaid (ETHA)
* Supports comprehensive sex education aimed at preventing disease

John McCain:
* Has never co-sponsored Ryan White or ETHA, and voted for a Jesse Helms strategy to remove funding aimed at protecting the community from HIV/AIDS
* Supports abstinence-only education that leaves out GLBT people and is ineffective in combating the spread of HIV


Barack Obama:
* Opposes bans on adoption by same-sex couples

John McCain:
* Opposes adoption by same-sex couples

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