Why ‘Weekend’ Isn’t Just Another Gay Movie

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Gay films once overlooked how much we’re actually like everybody else. We live, we hurt, we love. And we don’t all know people who look ready-made for the runway.
But director Andrew Haigh’s “Weekend” is the latest in a flood of queer cinema that know we’re just as capable of loving, hurting and screwing up as any character in a mainstream movie. It’s refreshingly outside-the-box with real-people characters who don’t live in some fabricated world where they only speak in dick jokes and only six-packs and a spray tan get you some.
“I didn’t think too much about the other gay films out there,” says Haigh, whose only other movie credit is 2009’s “Greek Pete.” “I suppose in my head I made the film not thinking it was going to be seen alongside all the other gay films in the world. All I wanted to do was make a good film on its own merit and not to fall into the cliches of a lot of gay films.”
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