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Winging it

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An in-person interview with Marco Del Zotto would likely result in a maneuver a la Tom Cruise, jumping up and down in uncontrollable peppiness. “This is my first interview!” the Italy-native says immediately when he phones from Chicago.
The 22-year-old skater, who hit the ice at just 7, is part of the ensemble of Disney on Ice presents “Worlds of Fantasy,” which features characters from “The Lion King” and “The Little Mermaid.” The new fairies from recently released “Tinker Bell” will also make their live debut. So gay.

We’re a gay paper, and you’re gay and this has gotta be one of the gayest ice skating tours to come through here –
(Laughs) Definitely. When we saw the (fairy) wings we were like, ‘Oook.’

I’m sure there are lots of fairy references among you all.
I think for the gay community it’s really cool, actually. And I’ve suggested it to my friends – ‘Come and see me; I have a lot of wings.’

Will there ever come a day when two guys will ice skate together in pairs?
I don’t think it’s possible – more so (because of) physics. But it would be really cool, I think. I think it will happen at some point, definitely, but I don’t know how it’s gonna happen – all those lifts and stuff, because guys are proportionately bigger than girls. But I think it might happen in the future, in 20 years or something.

So it’s not because it would make people uncomfortable?
Well, I think people are more open-minded now, so maybe in 10 or 20 years it will be accepted – and possible.

What’s it like touring the U.S.?
It’s really cool. But I’ve been with this company for three years. I’ve been traveling like east coast, west coast, overseas, Japan – so it’s been really cool. But I love the U.S. And I try to always stay in the U.S. because there’s a good audience and there’s a lot of work. I mean, we are really busy and I love to be busy. When you go overseas it’s so hard to – life is hard, travel is hard – but here in the U.S., it’s excellent. I’m at home.

Some of the moves in ‘Blades of Glory’ looked impossible to do, like the death-trap known as the Iron Lotus. Have you ever attempted anything like that?
No, that’s very impossible and dangerous. Actually we have the same choreographer (as in ‘Blades of Glory’), Sarah Kawahara.

What’s it like working with her?
It’s really, really cool, actually. We talked a lot about ‘Blades of Glory’ and all these male-male pairs – and she’s one of the most amazing choreographers in the world. She’s been called for choreographing at the Olympics in 2002 in Salt Lake (City) and movies. She’s amazing.

Are you a big Disney fan?
Yes, I am. It’s very cool. I never thought in my life (I’d) work with Mickey or Minnie, or be one of those (Disney) characters.

Who’s your favorite Disney prince?
I think Aladdin. He’s really cool. I think because he’s sorta like – he’s kinda like low-class or whatever. He’s this street rat and he became a prince and he gets this gorgeous girl. He goes from nothing to become a prince, actually. It’s very realistic. It’s more realistic of a story, so I like it for that. He’s energetic and always happy.

So would Aladdin be your type of guy?
Yeah, definitely.

Is there any real-life prince in your life?
Actually, no. I’m single. I wish. It’s really hard, it’s really hard. But I wish I met my prince and went back home and everything is cooked and ready.

Sounds like something out of a fairy tale, Marco.
Yes, it is. (Laughs)

Disney on Ice presents ‘Worlds of Fantasy’
Feb. 25-March 1
Palace of Auburn Hills

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