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When anti-gay extremists plunk over 482,000 signatures in favor of writing discrimination into Michigan’s constitution on the Secretary of State’s desk it is easy to get discouraged. It is easy to throw up your hands and concede defeat. It is easy to feel powerless.
Now is not the time to do what comes easily.
More than ever the LGBT community needs to come together and fight like hell. Every individual in Michigan who is against writing discrimination into our constitution must join this fight. We can win this. But not without everyone’s help.
Coalition for a Fair Michigan needs your help now. Whether you donate your time or your money or both, one hour to 100 hours, $10 to $10,000, every contribution helps. As a community we must reach deeper into our resources than ever before.
The amendment language Michigan’s voters will be faced with is one of the harshest of the ballot measures in the nation. It would ban not only marriage, but also civil unions and even domestic partner benefits.
We believe that when Michigan’s voters realize what this amendment would do they will vote against it. But the word must get out. We all must open our mouths and open our wallets. The well-funded opposition is going to pull out all of the big lies: that we’re pedophiles, that we’re sex addicts, that we’re incapable of monogamy. We must speak up about who we really are, what our lives and families are really like. Silence is not an option.

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