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Zany, Wealthy Persons of the Largest Continent

By |2018-09-19T12:04:19-04:00September 19th, 2018|Entertainment, Puzzles|


1 Composer Ned
6 Verdi slave girl
10 Top Norse deity
14 “You’re ___ talk”
15 Stick it to a con
16 Suffix with Congo
17 NBC comedy series about retailers
19 Big Daddy in “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”
20 Nutty ___ fruitcake
21 Hiker’s snack
22 “Milk” and “Moonlight”
24 State in a Gus Van Sant title
26 “A Walk on the Moon” writer Gray
27 City in “Italia”
29 Fruit peeler
30 “Today ___ man”
31 Silky undies material
32 Hamm of the World Cup
35 Film about zany, wealthy persons of the largest continent?
39 IRS info
40 Comes out slowly
41 Type of balls
42 More like a twink
43 Moon of “Frasier”
45 Hurts a lot
47 2010 high school comedy with a beard
48 “Six Feet Under” auto
49 Octopus abundance
50 Broadway bio
53 Painting and such, to da Vinci
54 Gay Filipino-America on the rise
57 “Sixteen Going on Seventeen”, e.g.
58 Synonym for Gomer’s “Shazam!”
59 Like an ACT UP protester
60 Israeli author Oz
61 Teased mercilessly
62 Nathan and family

1 “The Horse Fair” painter Bonheur
2 Invitation from bottoms to tops?
3 He whips out his tool on the job
4 Sorbonne summer
5 Hearst Castle architect Julia
6 Houston athlete in Billy Bean’s sport
7 Breakfast chain, familiarly
8 Board mem., maybe
9 Prayer to Madonna
10 Character played by 54-Across in 35-Across
11 Mr. Applegate in _Damn Yankees_
12 “___ little silhouetto of a man…”
13 Monster’s loch
18 Arty gay-friendly district
23 Dire signs
25 Guillermo of “Weeds”
26 Wooded ways
27 Queer mannerisms
28 Crew tools
29 Many an expectant father
31 Online exaggerations, perhaps
32 “Rent” setting
33 Aware of
34 “It’s the End of the World ___ Know It”
36 Traditional letter closer
37 More like something in the state of Denmark
38 Game of observation
42 Insertion marks
43 Oral sex protectors
44 Tear into
45 Vital fluid
46 Character played by 54-Across in 17-Across
47 Eat away at
48 “If I Only ___ Brain”
49 Learning inst.
51 Dull routine
52 Treats as a sexual object
55 “Where did ___ wrong?”
56 Piece-loving org.






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