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Youth Services

Phone: 877-211-MASS (6277) or just dial 211

Teenage runaway crisis line. For teenagers who are questioning their identity, who are suicidal and/or who are thinking of running away from home.

Address: 77 Victor St.
Highland Park 48203
Phone: 313-252-1950
Fax: 313-865-3372

Ruth Ellis Center (REC) was established as a 501(c)3 nonprofit in 1999. We envision a world where LGBTQ+ children and youth are safe and supported no matter where they go. Our mission is to create opportunities with LGBTQ+ young people to build their vision for a positive future. REC currently operates five core services: (1) Drop-In Center providing a full range of basic needs services and case management for LGBTQ+ young people who are experiencing homelessness, unstably housed and/or experiencing food insecurity; (2) The Ruth Ellis Institute providing training, consultation and coaching for organizations and systems of care that desire to engage productively with LGBTQ+ youth of color; (3) Home-based Family Preservation Services designed to help a family navigate the challenge of embracing a child’s sexual orientation or gender identity; and (4) Ruth Ellis Health & Wellness Center (HWC). The HWC expands existing mental health services by adding primary care and substance abuse disorder prevention and treatment to address the large numbers of LGBTQ+ youth who suffer because of the conflict, discrimination, and violence they often face from family and society. (5)Kofi House: Center for Lesbian and Queer Women and Girls(CLQ). The CLQ provides advocacy/outreach and case management services through an equity lens to empower girls and young women between by providing a safe space and services to support health and well-being.

State: MI
Country: USA