Chris Azzopardi

Chris Azzopardi

Chris Azzopardi is the Editorial Director of Pride Source Media Group and Q Syndicate, the national LGBTQ+ wire service. He has interviewed a multitude of superstars, including Cher, Meryl Streep, Mariah Carey and Beyoncé. His work has also appeared in The New York Times, Vanity Fair, GQ and Billboard. Reach him via Twitter @chrisazzopardi.

Motor City Pride Performer Jordy on His High Michigan Recording Sessions and Making His Career Work For Him

Emerging pop artist Jordy challenged himself on his recent tour and failed. The challenge? “I tried getting through the whole tour with one manicure,” he tells Pride Source over Zoom. “I got almost to the end of it, but I was like, [...]

Where the Past Meets the Present: Capturing Pride 40 Years Ago

Are we capturing history every day without even knowing it? Forty years ago, photographer Nicholas Blair wasn’t intentionally immortalizing a specific era of what we now call the LGBTQ+ community — he just felt compelled to take photos [...]

On His Latest Disco-Heavy Album, Jake Shears Dances Through the Heartbreak

Listening to his newest album, you wouldn’t know Jake Shears went through a pandemic breakup. After all, he doesn’t process his personal hardships through his music, Shears admitted to me during our recent interview.And so “Last Man [...]

The Best Places in the World to Hook Up, According to Bisexual Sex Writer Zachary Zane

Sex writer Zachary Zane’s first book, “Boyslut,” wasn’t even on shelves when we recently connected, but the author was already thinking about his next.“I might just transition more into sex travel,” says Zane, who [...]

With 'Somebody Somewhere,' Comedian Jeff Hiller Is Bringing a 'Touch of Fugs' to Queer-Inclusive TV

It’s hard to imagine Jeff Hiller making people mad. But in 2004, that was the 46-year-old comedian and actor’s job. It was his responsibility to get folks angry — those people being contestants on MTV’s hidden-camera reality [...]

Hopefully, Matteo Lane Doesn’t Hate This Interview

There are many places where you’ve probably seen Matteo Lane: in Royal Oak last year at Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle, on Netflix’s queer comic showcase “The Comedy Lineup” and on his something-for-everyone Instagram, where [...]

A Gayer ‘Scream’: How Jasmin Savoy Brown Is on a Mission to Make Her 'Scream VI' Character as Queer as Possible

It took five “Scream” movies and 25 years before LGBTQ+ horror fans got what the original film only alluded to: full-blown, uncoded queerness. Kevin Williamson, the openly gay screenwriter of Wes Craven’s 1997 slasher satire, [...]

Cara Delevingne Can Finally Be Her Queer Self: ‘Planet Sex’ Host on Unlearning LGBTQ+ Shame and How Hollywood Stunted Her Sexuality

On Zoom, where I recently met with Cara Delevingne, my ’90s-retro, rainbow-speckled button-down was, to my surprise, the first thing that came up.“Nice shirt,” the model-actress told me, gushing when I mentioned picking it out of my [...]

Shania Twain on What LGBTQ+ Allyship Means to Her and Being Queen of Her Own Actions

The first time I connected with Shania Twain in 2017, the country-pop music icon didn’t pull any punches, saying “equality should be a no-brainer” as she spoke thoughtfully about her relationship with the LGBTQ+ community. Twain [...]

WATCH: ‘Princess Power’ Producers Drew Barrymore and Savannah Guthrie on Gay Dads, Girl Power and Helping Kids Love Who They Are

Snow White? I don’t know her. These days, the delicate, demure princesses from the earliest days of Disney films are history, replaced by a more socially progressive kind of young lady royalty that puts leadership and skills first, frilly [...]

Billy Porter Chose Authenticity. Now He's Directing TV and Acting Alongside Living Legends.

You could say Billy Porter was born to play just about all of his roles. This, of course, is true of his portrayal of Pray Tell, the actor’s Emmy Award-winning part on “Pose,” and his star-making, Tony Award-winning role in [...]

Homeless After the Music Business Rejected Her, This Trans Director’s First Film Just Premiered at Sundance

The same music industry that initially embraced D. Smith when she was presenting as a man turned against her when she transitioned. She lost her house, her car and her music studio. This was 2014, the year Smith, who has produced songs for Lil Wayne, [...]