How Matt Rogers Is Ho, Ho, Ho-ing His Way to the Top

Come get cozy around the fire with your chestnuts and hear the soon-to-be classic tale of how Santa got all the toys into his big bag.

Chappell Roan Wrote Her First Major Label Single at Michigan's Interlochen. Now She Is the ‘Queer Pop Moment' 

Roan's own small-town queer experience will resonate with anyone who grew up without the kind of visibility that makes it easier to be who you are.

This Gay Author’s Book on ‘Why Mariah Carey Matters’ Speaks to the Power of Pop Star Idolization  

A book about Mariah is also about a love that sometimes we only find in the music.

‘It’s Hush-Hush’: Reflections on Black Visibility in the Queer Leather Community

As a new Mr. Michigan Leather is named, 2020 title-holder Tiger Onyx speaks out.

A Play About Jesus — With Jesus Seen Through the Eyes of an LGBTQ+ Activist

The show’s writer, Antonio David Garcia, wrote the play before becoming an atheist.

When Annaliese Wilbur Returns to the Fisher Theatre, This Time They’ll Be on Stage

Wilbur on their full circle journey and why they feel queer representation in artistic performance is so important

Why ‘My So-Called Life’ Actor Wilson Cruz Continues to Help Improve Life for LGBTQ+ Youth

Wilson Cruz doesn’t love thinking too much about his childhood in Michigan, but he won’t deny his years growing up in Holland either. The Tulip Time [...]

Deep Inside ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’—the Sex Scenes, Its ‘Harry Potter’ Inspiration and Why It Wasn’t a TV Show

Pro-queer viewers have spoken, and they’re royally head over heels for “Red, White & Royal Blue.” The film’s widespread success is a [...]

Gay in the Ring: Pro Wrestler Anthony Bowens Gets Candid About Making History as AEW’s First Out LGBTQ+ Champion

Queer people everywhere are experiencing heightened discrimination, but if there’s hope to be found, it might just be in, of all places, the wrestling [...]

Just How Gay Is "Barbie"? It Depends on Who You Ask.

Let's face it: "Barbie" was going to be gay. Maybe not gay enough, according to some gays. Maybe too gay, according to anti-gays.The fact is, this is a movie [...]

Brandon Scott Jones Just Wants to Help Queer Youth Feel Seen

This year, Brandon Scott Jones is showing up in the most random of places. There’s his series regular role in “Ghosts,” portraying the spirit [...]

Petals Sandcastle on Tripping, Radical Acceptance and Shattering the Binary

Petals Sandcastle, founder and CEO of Ann Arbor’s Express Your Yes and NOW Studios, has had a very busy 2023 so far. In between traveling around the [...]

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