D'Anne Witkowski

D'Anne Witkowski is a writer living in Michigan with her wife and son. She has been writing about LGBTQ+ politics for nearly two decades. Follow her on Twitter @MamaDWitkowski.

Texas Supreme Court: Transgender People Do/Should Not Exist

The Texas Supreme Court just ruled that blocking parents from providing gender-affirming care to their children is just fine.“The Texas Supreme Court upheld a recent state law that prohibits doctors from prescribing gender-affirming care to [...]

Is Biden Old? Yes. Is Trump Old? Yes. But Only One of These Dudes Is a Fascist

As I write this, it is July 1, 2024. The November election is four short months away. And it seems a lot of people have suddenly realized that President Biden is very old.There is a lot of chatter about Biden’s objectively terrible debate [...]

Christian Nationalist Can’t Decide Who He Hates More: LGBTQ+ People or the Poor

As I write this, it is still Pride Month, a.k.a. June. I spent the day at a Pride event in the city where my wife works as a teacher. It was a very small gathering at a picnic pavilion. No drag queens, no thumping dance music (unless you count La [...]

Michigan Rep. John James Seems to Think Trans Kids Are a Bigger Threat Than Guns

On Saturday, June 15, there were three mass shootings in the Metro Detroit area, where I live. At a house party in Lathrup Village, a gathering in Detroit and at a splash pad in Rochester, where little kids were shot.The mayor of Rochester said that [...]

Ron DeSantis Hopes His Freedom Summer Will Outshine Pride Month

Greetings from sunny and fascist Florida!Yes, that’s right. I’m writing this column from the least LGBTQ-friendly state in the nation. My wife, son and I are here visiting family. Do I wish that I had no family living in Florida? Why, [...]

Bye, Felicia: Texas Democrats Choose Love Over Hate in Houston

It’s Pride Month! Cue the rainbow flags, the Pride parades, the guy in the neon green Speedo wearing a leather dog mask, the lesbians with the toddler wearing a “I ❤️ My Moms” t-shirt, the teens wearing trans Pride [...]

As Deeply Unserious As They Seem, Right-Wing Christians Are Not Kidding About the Fascist Part

So much fuckery, so little time.A lot is going on in the world today, and very little of it is very good!First off, polls show disgraced former president Donald Trump ahead in a number of swing states. This is the man who took to his social network [...]

Caitlyn Jenner Blames 'Woke Teachers' for the Existence o Trans Kids

As the old Cyndi Lauper song goes, “Money changes everything.”No matter how many times US Weekly proclaims "stars — they’re just like us!” it’s just not true. If it were true, we’d see a hell of a lot more [...]

Gov. Reeves Tells Transgender Mississippians to Go Cis Themselves

Gov. Tate Reeves and his fellow Republicans want to help the children of Mississippi.This is great news! There are so many choices! So many ways to better the lives of the state’s children. None of these issues have easy solutions, but I [...]

Right-Wing Extremists Continue Their War on What's Really Hurting Our Kids: Books

Pop quiz time!If you had a dollar for every time a book was banned during the 2023-2024 school year, you would have:$4$40$400$4,000The answer is $4,000, though it could also be “all of the above” because the 2023-2024 school year [...]

Idaho Legislators Continue to Flex Their Muscles, Use Those Muscles Against Trans Youth

The national political and legal landscape for transgender youth in Idaho is… not great!While it should be absolutely appalling that elected leaders in Idaho (where they have a Republican majority) are focused on hurting a very small and very [...]