The Under-the-Radar Republican Amendment That Kills the Rainbow Flag

Republicans did something recently that went almost unnoticed. Through one simple act in 1970, the United States became the world's leader in making our [...]

George Santos Rises Like a Felonious Phoenix From the Ashes of a Dysfunctional Political Party

Oh, hey, everybody. How are things going? Are they perfect and great? Why, yes. Yes they are.First of all, everybody’s favorite pathologically lying gay [...]

Supreme Birthday Wishes to Mary and Diana

Sixty years ago this year, Motown supergroup and Detroit darlings The Supremes had their first of what would go on to become 12 number-one hits with [...]

Libs of Tiktok Fuels Threats Against Schools Nationwide, Endangering Children

HOLD DO NOT PUBLISHThis morning I got a text from my son’s school district that one of the elementary schools in the district was closed due to a bomb [...]

Mark Robinson Races to Alienate the Entire North Carolina Electorate

North Carolina. Have you heard of it? As far as states go, it’s a pretty big deal. So you’d think if you were one of two major political parties you [...]

Death of Nex Benedict Shines Spotlight on Oklahoma’s Anti-LGBTQ+ Agenda

I wish I did not know the name Nex Benedict. At least, I wish I didn’t know the name for the reason that so many of us now do.On Feb. 7, Benedict was [...]

Saying Goodbye to My First Home and Welcoming Homes Yet to Come

Where’s home for you? Is it an apartment, a soft place to land or somewhere where you feel wholly loved, wrapped in the comfort of knowing that [...]

Right-Wing Conservatives to Each Uterus in the Nation: One Day, You Will Be Ours

Recently the Alabama Supreme Court, with their Christian Nationalist Chief Justice Tom Parker, ruled that frozen embryos are literal children. I was listening [...]

The Dark Side of Advocacy, According to This Leading Michigan Trans Advocate

On July 31, 2021, I woke up feeling so grateful for another day, but this day was an especially important one. That night, I would be acknowledged with a [...]

Tennessee Republicans Attack Marriage Equality, Vie for Title of Most Dangerous Legislature for LGBTQ+ People

Marriage equality is finally a thing in Greece, the first Christian Orthodox-majority country in the world to let love rule. And on Feb. 15, the day after [...]

How Ruth Ellis Inspired My Early Activism Helping Queer At-Risk Youth

My friendship with the late Ruth Ellis predates my time with Between The Lines, Pride Source's print publication. But just barely. I first interviewed her for [...]

National Legal and Policy Center: Kids Who Love Oreos Were Not Born This Way

This is a list of my favorite Oreo cookie flavors, in order:Peanut ButterSm’OreosMintOriginalThis is a list of Oreo flavors I have never tried because they [...]

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