Michigan Rep. Travels to Uganda for Anti-LGBTQ+ Cheerleading Camp

I want to start off this year by giving credit where credit is due. And that credit goes to Ohio Gov. Mike Dewine, for vetoing an anti-trans bill aimed at trans [...]

If Madonna Calls, I’m Here

My Dearest Madge,I feel quite confident it’s all right to call you that. You’ve so intimately become a part of my life through the power of your [...]

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine Decides Trans Lives Don't Matter After All

Well shame the fuck on me for giving Gov. Mike DeWine (R-Ohio) any praise at all for vetoing a bill aimed at gender-affirming care for minors. I should have [...]

Not the Suffering Olympics: Things Are Bad in Russia. That Doesn’t Mean They’re Fine Here.

Comparisons are an incredibly important part of sense-making for us humans. We’re always making them, especially when trying to describe something to [...]

The Lonely Season Arrives, Once Again

Well, it’s that time of year again, dear readers. The Lonely Season has arrived. What in the world, you ask, is the Lonely Season? Well, if you have to [...]

Pope Announces: 'Gays Are OK, I Guess' in a Take-What-We-Can-Get 2023

As 2023 draws to a close, we can count on Congressional Republicans to be doing the important work of the American people.Ha, just kidding. They are currently [...]

Lady DeSantis: My Husband Ron Will Fight to Destroy Every State, Not Just Florida

It is an incontrovertible fact that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is awful. Like, the worst. But would it surprise you to learn that his wife is also awful?On Dec. [...]

Why LGBTQ+ People Often Gravitate Toward Chosen Families During the Holidays

As the festive season approaches, many people eagerly anticipate joyful celebrations with their loved ones. For many members of the LGBTQ+ community, [...]

All I Want for Christmas Is Cher

It was 1977. I was all of 5. And all I wanted for Christmas was Cher. Well, more specifically, a Cher doll. I’d asked Santa. I’d asked my mom. Yet [...]

U.S. Conservatives Point to Russia and Declare 'We’ll Have What They’re Having' Regarding LGBTQ+ Repression

Well, they did it. They expelled George Santos from Congress. I honestly didn’t think it would happen. Let’s pour one out for George “Proud [...]

Jason Rapert To Warm Up Arkansas Library Board Meetings By Burning Books

Let’s face it, no one would ever call Arkansas the Reading Capital of the United States. And, no, I am not calling people who live in Arkansas stupid. [...]

Argentina Elects Far-Right Anti-LGBTQ+ President. By a Hair.

I threw out my back today. I have only myself to blame. I was doing something dangerous, something I should have asked someone to help me with. And that [...]

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