Madonna Was an AIDS Advocate Before the President Would Even Say the Word

These highlights from her long career are just a few examples of how the pop queen has always advocated for AIDS patients and their loved ones.

How a Conductor from Michigan Is Creating Safe Spaces for the Queer Musician Community in Deep Red Florida

Chances are, if you were to close your eyes and picture an orchestra conductor, you’d likely conjure up a stereotypical image: “old, white man in a [...]

How Mariah Carey’s Spectacularly Diva-Drenched Show in Detroit Was the Energy We Need Heading into 2024

On the first day of December, as it should be every year, Mariah Carey gave one of the most Mariah Carey shows I’ve ever seen in front of a sold-out crowd [...]

Pink to Shower Florida Fans with Banned Books in ‘Don’t Say Gay’ State

Pink fans attending her shows in Florida this week will benefit from a peaceful act of defiance on the part of the acrobatic pop princess thanks to a [...]

How Matt Rogers Is Ho, Ho, Ho-ing His Way to the Top

Come get cozy around the fire with your chestnuts and hear the soon-to-be classic tale of how Santa got all the toys into his big bag.

Chappell Roan Wrote Her First Major Label Single at Michigan's Interlochen. Now She Is the ‘Queer Pop Moment' 

Roan's own small-town queer experience will resonate with anyone who grew up without the kind of visibility that makes it easier to be who you are.

Bad Bunny, Who Doesn’t Care If You Think He’s Queer, Is Coming to Detroit

The rapper-singer has amassed a vocally supportive queer following thanks to his now-private thirst-trap-happy Instagram feed and his outspoken LGBTQ+ allyship.

Madonna Wows London Crowd as 'Celebration' Tour Kicks Off

Sorry, haters — looks like the world's best-selling female artist has still got what it takes.

When Sufjan Stevens Finally Came Out, He Broke Our Hearts

For two decades, curious queer fans of the enigmatic indie singer-songwriter (and Detroit-born and Michigan-raised) Sufjan Stevens have pored over his equally [...]

This Gay Author’s Book on ‘Why Mariah Carey Matters’ Speaks to the Power of Pop Star Idolization  

A book about Mariah is also about a love that sometimes we only find in the music.

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