Biden Issues Transgender Day of Visibility Proclamation

Michael Lavers | Washington Blade, Courtesy of the National LGBT Media AssociationPresident Joe Biden on Thursday issued a proclamation that recognizes the [...]

Jamie Lee Curtis Is Calling Her Oscar 'They/Them' In Honor of Her Trans Daughter

Queer ally Jamie Lee Curtis has announced she will refer to her Academy Award by they/them pronouns as a way of honoring her trans daughter. Curtis revealed the [...]

The Queer Family Podcast' Showcases Beautiful, Unique Stories of LGBTQ+ Parenthood

When Jaimie Kelton launched a podcast for queer families in 2018, she thought, “This would be a fun side project.” Now, 11 seasons later, [...]

Gallup Poll: U.S. LGBTQ Adult Population Steady at 7.2 Percent

This article originally appeared in the Washington Blade.The results of a national survey conducted by Gallup polling based on aggregated polling data from 2022 [...]

An Invaluable New Resource for Donor-Conceived People with LGBTQ+ Parents

COLAGE, the national organization for people with LGBTQ+ parents, recently released an updated edition of its groundbreaking guide for donor-conceived people [...]

Howard Bragman, Flint Native, Philanthropist and ‘Coming Out Guru’ to the Stars, Dies at 66

Friends and family near and far are mourning the death of PR giant and Flint native Howard Bragman, who died from leukemia Saturday, Feb. 11. Bragman was [...]

Is Kim Petras the First Trans Woman to Win a Grammy? Well, Actually… 

When openly trans woman Kim Petras took home a Grammy for best pop duo/group performance alongside openly non-binary queer musician Sam Smith, it was a historic [...]

FDA Proposes New Individual Risk Assessments to Make It Easier For Gay, Bisexual Men To Donate Blood

A new FDA policy will pave the way for more gay and bisexual men to donate blood. Current policy requires MSM (men who have sex with men) to undergo a [...]

Rainbow Railroad to Participate in New US Refugee Resettlement Program

Courtesy of the National LGBT Media AssociationA group that works with LGBTQ+ and intersex refugees and asylum seekers will participate in a State Department [...]

Pro-Queer Christian Singer Amy Grant Disappoints Homophobes Once Again By Being, You Know, a Good Person

Aunt Amy is proving once again that she has no time for haters who have a problem with her and husband Vince Gill hosting her lesbian niece’s wedding on [...]

The Data on Funding for LGBTQ+ Causes Is Seriously Incomplete. Here’s Why.

When my colleague Philip Rojc mused in August about numerous claims of underfunding in the nonprofit world versus the comparative lack of data about the amount [...]

5 Headlines That Dominated LGBTQ+ News in 2022

There was no shortage of dramatic and consequential events to consider as the top stories for the LGBTQ+ community in 2022, and most of those events threaten to [...]

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