Michigan Hair Salon Charged with Discrimination Over Anti-Trans Facebook Post

Studio 8 Hair Lab is in the “find out” phase of its “fuck around and find out” transphobic journey that began in July.

What You Need to Know About Michigan’s Surrogacy Laws — and Why These State Reps Are Working to Change Them

Becoming a parent as a member of the queer community is often a challenging, expensive process. In Michigan, it can be downright criminal. Right now, [...]

Voters Restore Funding to Michigan Library Targeted by National Movement to Ban LGBTQ+ Content

Lovers of free speech and books are rejoicing this week after voters in West Michigan sent a clear message to far-right book banners. In a heartening turn [...]

Everything You Need to Know About LGBTQ+ Candidate Results in the 2023 Michigan Election

With the 2023 municipal elections in hindsight, there are some key takeaways to keep in mind when viewed through a queer lens. That’s what Pride Source [...]

When All the Nearby Homeless Shelters Are Faith-Based and Turn Them Away, Where Do Trans Folks Go for Help?

While she has managed to avoid homelessness, its specter has haunted Luna Willow Brown — she has seen many of her friends and peers experience it.

See Taylor Swift Drag in Royal Oak, Watch a Roller Derby Match, Meet Dana Nessel at a Queer Adult Cabaret

What will the rest of your rapidly evaporating 2023 feature? Don’t sit out the last few weeks of the year — make it worthwhile with a slate of queer [...]

The Impact of 2023 Legislation on Transgender Youth: A Scorecard for Michigan

When Owen Bondono transitioned 15 years ago, he said in some ways it was safer for him back then than it is for his students who are transitioning [...]

Bad Bunny, Who Doesn’t Care If You Think He’s Queer, Is Coming to Detroit

The rapper-singer has amassed a vocally supportive queer following thanks to his now-private thirst-trap-happy Instagram feed and his outspoken LGBTQ+ allyship.

How the LGBTQ+ Victory Institute Training Provides Openly Queer Candidates With the Tools to Lead

Diverse sexual orientations and gender identities are considered assets on the campaign trail.

Stomping Spots: Queer Feelings for a Bad Bug Heading to Michigan

I’m not even supposed to be here, according to a wide swath of American voters. I should be violently changed or destroyed, according to them.

Watch Halloween-Themed Drag, Plus Other Queer Spooky Season Michigan Events

If you’ve been meticulously planning your Ken-who-strictly-does-beach costume, planning to join up with the Weird Barbie cult or plotting something [...]

Detroit’s Chinatown Has Vanished, But This Queer Writer Keeps the Memories Alive in New Memoir

In “Everything I Learned, I Learned in a Chinese Restaurant,” author Curtis Chin describes coming of age in Detroit’s Cass Corridor Chinatown [...]

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