Curtis Lipscomb

Curtis Lipscomb is the executive director of the "safe," "brave" space that is LGBT Detroit. He is the co-founder and manager of Hotter Than July, the world’s second-oldest black, LGBTQ pride celebration. With the dedication of a Board of Directors, staff and advisors, he is charged to fulfill the mission of an organization founded in 1994.

I Co-Founded Hotter Than July 27 Years Ago. Here's What the Black LGBTQ+ Pride Event Means to Me Now.

Through hard work, determination, support and imagination, Hotter Than July has been a premier event for 27 years. The project is now older than some people I know. Many have shared their talents with the project through discussions, stories and [...]

I’m Not Mad … I’m Disappointed in Jussie Smollett: On the Cultural Ramifications of a Staged Hate Crime

I rarely watch television. My demanding job is equivalent to a reality television show, so most evening broadcasts hardly entertain me. But there was a time on Bible Study Wednesdays that I did run home to watch a popular show that caught the [...]

LGBT Detroit introduces The Hotter Than July Retrospective

The Hotter Than July Retrospective is a collaboration between the largest Black-led LGBT nonprofit in North America, LGBT Detroit, and the largest and longest-running LGBTQ publication in Michigan, PrideSource's Between the Lines. The Hotter Than [...]

Take a Breather: Avoiding Post-Midterm Despair and Complacency

My religious teachings tell me that I should not be fearful. However, real and tangible fear should always be met head on. I struggle with that. On voting day, which has come and gone, there are two fears that I confess I faced: First, I fear that [...]