Dana Chase

 Dana Chase grew up in Grand Rapids and holds a Ph.D. in French and Romance Philology from Columbia University. She works part time at a local coffee shop in addition to running a very busy household. Actively putting a face to polyamory for close to a decade, Dana has appeared at conferences, spoken to college classes and church groups, served on professional boards, and even held a feature spot on the evening news. She hopes to one day publish a memoir of her colorful polyamorous journey.

Wrong in All the Right Ways

In March, Rachael and I took her 9-year-old daughter Sophie to see Pink perform in her Beautiful Trauma world tour in Grand Rapids. We bought the tickets way back before Christmas and had been counting the days. Rachael dyed Sophie's hair a [...]

Be Mine...You, Too

The other morning I was standing in the checkout lane behind a man who was buying two Valentine's Day cards, each curiously turned faced down. The checkout clerk proclaimed "What a gentleman!" Jokingly, I added "Yeah he's double the gentleman, [...]