Drew Saunders

Michigan Democratic Party LGBT and Allies Caucus Holds Spring Meeting

One of the most often derided cliches of political journalism is to say “a lot is at stake in this election” but it is quite literally true this time, especially for LGBTQ+ people. That was also the message of the spring meeting of the [...]

Why a Local Academic Is Fostering Queer Discussion and Community Through an Old-Fashioned Book Club

Queer books on public library shelves have come under fire across the country in recent years, but you wouldn’t know it at the Ypsilanti District Library (YDL), where local readers can join a monthly book club focused on books with LGBTQ+ [...]

‘Queer Drunk Punk’ Author Zehava Frieman on How Growing Up in Grosse Pointe Park Inspired Her Debut Novel

When Zehava Frieman finally sat down to write “Queer Drunk Punk” in 2021 on the tail end of decades of what she describes as “creative constipation,” the debut novel all but poured out of her. “It was literally nine [...]

Wayne State University Is Getting a Center That Will Bring LGBTQ+ Services Closer to Students

Queer students weigh in on what the project means to them.

Construction Begins on Long-Awaited Affordable LGBTQ-Friendly Housing for Older Adults in Michigan

Affordable housing has been a problem across the country for years and it can be especially problematic for aging LGBTQ+ people who, according to Rev. Dr. Roland Stringfellow of the Metropolitan Community Church – Detroit (MCC-D), can force [...]

Queer Michigan College Students Consider Safety On and Off Campus As New Year Kicks Off

At a time when state legislatures across the country have been presenting hundreds of bills attacking LGBTQ+ rights, Michigan has gone in the opposite direction since the 2022 midterms. A whopping 520 anti-LGBTQ+ bills have been introduced in state [...]

After Hamtramck Pride Flag Ban, Local Theater Shows LGBTQ+ Support Through Performance

In early June, Hamtramck’s City Council banned the Pride Flag from being flown on public property, a move that has prompted a wave of backlash across the community, including a surge in social media posts aimed at the move and a stream of angry [...]