Jeff Berry

Jeff Berry is the editor-in-chief of Positively Aware magazine, and he is Director of Publications at Test Positive Aware Network in Chicago. Find him on Twitter @PAEditor. This column is a project of Plus, Positively Aware, POZ, The Body and Q Syndicate, the LGBT wire service. Visit their websites –,, and – for the latest updates on HIV/AIDS.

Positive Thoughts: Finding Hope in 'Crystal City'

In the trailer for the new feature-length documentary film "Crystal City," Rob, who is living with HIV and four years sober, says that during his time dealing and using crystal methamphetamine he discovered that "there are addicts everywhere." "From [...]

Positive Thoughts: The Hidden Survivors

Long-term survivors of HIV face unique challenges – they are the "hidden" survivors of the epidemic. When I was diagnosed with HIV in 1989, I wasn't sure I'd be here in 2018 to talk about it. At the time there was no effective treatment for people [...]