Jonathan W. Thurston

Jonathan W. Thurston is a Ph.D. student at Michigan State University and the editor-in-chief of Thurston Howl Publications. While he specializes in early modern animal studies in academia, he is currently working on a cultural exposé of HIV in 21st century America. He loves reading, ballroom dancing and frequenting Lansing's cafes.

Review: 'Strange Bedfellows' by Ina Park

As someone living with HIV in their 20s, I find myself constantly intrigued by books on STIs. I've read "And the Band Played On" and On Borrowed Time," but there really hasn't been any larger cultural study of STIs in general, much less a [...]

COVID-19 is Not the New HIV

I have HIV. Amid the COVID-19 crisis sweeping the globe, people like me, people living with HIV/AIDS, are faced with a number of questions: Will our medications be delayed? Will we still be able to go to our pharmacy? What about our regular doctor's [...]

A Sign of Change: Sen. Moss and the State Capitol's Policy of Refusing Signs

Back in 2012, the Michigan State Capitol saw a number of protests relating to the "right-to-work" law. It seems the State Capitol Commission didn't take well to that, because in 2013, new rules were enforced: signs were no longer allowed inside the [...]

News Analysis: Proud of What?

50 years ago, Greenwich Village in New York saw a team of police officers raid its gay club, Stonewall Inn. The acts of violence displayed that early morning led to protests, riots, mobs, and hospitalization for both club-goers and officers. Pride [...]

Be Our Guest'

As the LGBTQ community is kicking off its annual pride celebrations in honor of June, a group in Lansing is starting a celebration of its own, and everyone is invited. The LanSINGout Gay Men's Chorus is having its 30th anniversary, and is [...]

I'm Positive

Every HIV story is a sad story. And, generally, it's always a surprise story for people, something they weren't expecting. In January 2014, I was dating a guy in Memphis, Tennessee, named Andre. We fell fast and hard. That spring, we took a cruise [...]

Beyond the Bar and Club: Namasgay and Online Connections

Some would say the digital age has brought about new ways for LGBT people to "connect" — often literally. Yet, at the same time, there is something to be said for the lack of common public spaces for meeting without ulterior motives. In Seattle, an [...]

Tim Sneller: Changing Tides

When supporting candidates for political offices, experience is usually a major factor in the decision-making process. Tim Sneller is a Democrat from Flint running for the State House, District 50, and experience is something he has plenty of. [...]

Dancing Harder

'Porn to Be a Star' Play Coming to Menjos in Detroit "Get ready to get Harder!" That's the slogan for Chris Harder's play, "Porn to Be a Star," directed by Obie Award-winning performer and playwright David Drake. The play, which incorporates [...]

Speaking with Robert VanKirk

"A better Michigan starts with you." That's the campaign slogan for Robert VanKirk, who is running for 77th State House District currently held by Republican Rep. Tommy Brann. A major part of his platform is standing up to oppression in any form and [...]

Jon Hoadley: Representing Daily Lives in the State House

Jon Hoadley (D-Kalamazoo) is running this year for State House for District 60, and, if elected, this will be his third and final term for the House. For Hoadley, a seat in the House is about representing the common man. "I've always ran," Hoadley [...]

A Dream Wedding: Couple Ties the Knot in Prince Charming Ceremony

Many people grow up dreaming of the Cinderella–Prince Charming wedding. And last September, one couple got to see their dream come true during their Prince Charming–Prince Charming ceremony. Dr. Theodore Carson Baker, II (57) and Richard William [...]