Karl Rix

Creativity and connectivity are my strongest suits. I have a major ability to connect people creatively either via words or fist bumps. I do it almost without thinking about it. I hear someone's need beyond what I hear them tell me. Moreover, it's my emotional intelligence that allows me to have an anticipatory momentum in most settings. I thrive in social environments and enjoy managing the vibe. I am a lover of Afro-Caribbean and Spanish-speaking cultures. Green thumb. Dog and all-around animal buff. Published author. Huge love for the outdoors, fishing, hiking and swimming. My overall goal is to build our "melanated excellence" to a thing of untouchable envy. I see myself walking the path of Berry Gordy. Promoting and producing artists, myself included, in every form from script to live performance, music and more!

House: The Musical Ka-Ween on a Hot Stage

Music is universal. It is the one language that has the power to excite young and old alike, unite during celebration and hard times, and soothe the savage beast as it lulls baby to sleep. But could there be one style of music that captures all the [...]