Layla McMurtrie

Layla McMurtrie is a 2023 Eastern Michigan University graduate with a passion for writing about community, culture, music and art.

The Criminalization of Sex Work Disproportionately Affects Queer People. These Michigan Sex Workers Are Speaking Out.

Metro Detroit individuals and organizations are spearheading efforts to decriminalize sex work, recognizing that it is not simply a matter of legality, but a crucial step toward safeguarding the well-being of the LGBTQ+ community.The field of sex [...]

The AIDS Crisis Ended Before They Were Born, But the Disease Still Impacts the Way Gen Z Approaches Sex and Healthcare

On World AIDS day and beyond, reflecting on the state of HIV/AIDS and how perceptions and treatments have evolved over the past several decades.

My Little Needle Tattoo Artists Affirm Every Client at This Queer-Run Plymouth Shop

At My Little Needle Tattoos in Plymouth, the staff invites clients in with open arms. The mostly queer team shares a mission to make the vulnerable experience of getting a tattoo more comfortable and welcoming for the LGBTQ+ community.The [...]

Nonbinary Detroiter Chef Cooks Up Success at Freya

For Phoebe Zimmerman, the charming, tattoo-covered chef de cuisine at Freya, cooking isn't just about skill — it's about connection, too. Both aspects are surely at play when it comes to why the Detroit farm-to-table restaurant was the only [...]

Episcopal Church of the Incarnation Considers Intersectionality, Justice as New Leader Set to Step Up

After serving as pastor of Episcopal Church of the Incarnation for 36 years, Reverend Joe Summers, an outspoken ally of the LGBTQ+ community, is retiring. Stepping into the role is Reverend Dean Aponte-Safe, whose husband is also a newly ordained [...]

This Pansexual Artist Makes Pretty Paraphernalia for Smoking Pot

Weed smoke and queer folk came together at Ferndale Pride this year. The smell of marijuana was in the air, and many local dispensaries handed out goodies and coupons. While I’m not a stoner myself, I am a lover of art, and one cannabis-related [...]

Performing Her Original Music at Pride Is a Dream Come True for This Trans Michigan Artist

Playing the Tin Man in an elementary school production of “The Wizard of Oz” was just the beginning of Detroit-born artist Baddie Brooks’ performance career, which, it seems, is about to take off in a big way. Brooks is set to [...]

Lesbian Women in Michigan Have a Space to Be Themselves Thanks to These Event Curators

It’s not just the beautiful women, craft cocktails and club music attendees get when stepping foot into a Lesbian Social Detroit event — it’s a feeling of acceptance.“When you come to a Lesbian Social [event], you will see [...]