Liam Clymer

Liam Clymer

Liam Clymer is a Michigan State University broadcast journalism student and freelance reporter with Pride Source/Between The Lines. He has previously written for The State News as their Events Reporter. He sees journalistic work as an opportunity to translate his love of learning into digestible material to spur thinking in others.

Lansing Pride Just Keeps Getting Bigger — Find Out How Organizers Are Finding Success, Community Support

Pulling off a successful community event is a tremendous undertaking, but for Lansing Pride organizers like Ben Dowd, board president, and Brad Johnson, board treasurer, the festival is well worth the effort.“When you look out across the crowd [...]

Michigan's Trans Migration Project Is Helping to Protect Trans People Just By Getting Them Somewhere Safe

A faith-based collective of partners across Michigan is shepherding out-of-state trans people to Michigan for the gender-affirming care and affirmation they can't access in their home states through a movement called the Trans Migration Project.Rev. [...]